Cabinet Refacing

Is cabinet refacing right for you?  Refacing is a great way to remodel your kitchen without the cost and the inconvenience of total cabinetry replacement.  This is because refacing can often be completed in less time than a full remodel with less disruption.  If you have already replaced counter tops and flooring in your existing kitchen, refacing allows you to retain your existing countertops and flooring while totally changing the look and function of your kitchen on a realistic budget.  During the refacing process, all of the existing doors and drawer fronts are replaced from a large selection of door styles and colors.  All exposed face frames and cabinet sides are covered in a matching material.  Refacing is not limited to the kitchen; bathrooms and other cabinetry can be updated as well.

Please give us a call to schedule an appointment to find out just how easy it is to have us create the kitchen you really want.